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Our first email campaign

Good afternoon,

If you have become a member of our society then you should have recieved an email from us updating you on what is going on and asking for some assistance, if you would like to view the email here it is below:

** It has been a long time
You may not remember but you signed up to the Open University Dr Turing Society and well I have not been as on the ball as I should have. We have had many members that have joined but the society has done nothing since. Over the last couple of months I have set up a new website, set up the newsletter system and started work on affiliation.

I need your help! Currently I am the only person running the society and that simply cannot do for affiliation purposes. At minimum we need a Chair (That is me) a Secretary and a Treasurer. If you feel you could fit the bill for either of the vacant posts drop us a line on the website: http://www.drturingsociety.org.uk if you are interested.


Richard Duffy On Behalf of The Dr Turing Society.



Richard Duffy Dr Turing Society Chair