Founded in 2016 the Dr Turing Society prides itself on its commitment to celebrating the life, works and genius of Dr Alan Turing (OBE FRS 1912 – 1954).


Here at the society we thrive on inspiration and innovation as we promote a diverse, collaborative, equal opportunities environment with the aims of celebrating contemporary, ubiquitous technologies whilst embracing the technologies of the future.

The Society will hold Online and Face-to-Face discussions, via forums and other social media outlets, as well as attend meetings, talks and events held by the people and places in our growing network.


We are building a network of like-minded people and developing a strong community, bringing together ideas and solutions to explore and expand our horizons.

The connections that we have made offer a wealth of activities, events and volunteer opportunities which provide our members with the means to broaden their networks and strengthen their own skills and knowledge.


The Dr Turing Society also aims to organise professional connections, arranging any support required by our members, as and when they need.

By reaching out to STEM based companies, the Dr Turing Society will compile information on employment opportunities across the industry, presenting an accurate and up-to-date portrayal of available posts, allowing our members to tailor make their career to their preferred company or role.
We intend to expand on this, ultimately providing a platform for members to connect with the right people for the career they choose.


“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”
Alan Turing


The Open University Dr Turing Society Constitution can be viewed here.